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Embarking into the world of yacht chartering, it is easy to end up off course, especially when sailing without direction. With a constantly changing market and legalities, having a seasoned yacht broker proves fundamental to any successful charter experience.  Just as the intricate details of your watch and the roar of your car's engine are yours and yours alone, so should your yacht experience be uniquely tailored to your needs. The glamour, comfort and freedom that a yacht can provide is unsurpassable, and with access to a global network of over 2000 mega yachts, Queen of Clubs is here to show you new horizons, providing a fast, efficient and reliable yacht brokerage service, wherever your dreams take you.

With knowledge of the destinations, constant monitoring of the yachting market and expert brokers to help very step of the way, we only work with people who will top your expectations and blow you away with an experience out at sea.  From St.Tropez to Monaco, we cover the entire Cote D'Azur, but will be happy to accommodate any requests for further along the Mediterranean coast, and will happily include tailored sailing itineraries when desired.  If you're contemplating a nautical adventure, get in touch today, as observed by Robert de Niro: 'The talent is in the choices'.